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Selected Works

Snowblind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade

An all-out, non-stop journey through the dazzling world of smuggler Zachary Swan, whose Byzantine scams baffled the Feds for a few breathless years in the early 1970s--a hip, dangerous, high-velocity world that Sabbag evokes with extraordinary power and humor.

"A triumphant piece of reporting."
--The New Yorker

Too Tough to Die

The modern exploits of the men and women of the United States Marshals, the oldest, the most interesting and by far the most unusual law enforcement agency in the country today.

"As I read it, I wished I'd written it. Surely I will steal from it."
--Robert B. Parker

Smokescreen: A True Adventure

The story of moviemaker-turned-outlaw Allen Long.

"A wild non-fiction ride through the days of rickety cargo planes and 'motherships' jammed with bulkhead-busting tons of Colombian pot... Both history and an evocation of a long-gone world..."
--High Times

Down Around Midnight

"A compelling mix of reporting and memoir... [it] packs an emotional wallop."
-- Publishers Weekly